Welcome to Sologix

Your business runs on your knowledge and experience and the time and energy you have available to apply these. Sologix’s services are designed to free up more of these to drive your business forward.

Working with Anton Pretorius, a highly experienced coach who will be your sounding board and advisor, you’ll use GrowthWheel, an internationally recognised visual toolkit for decision-making and action-planning to save you time. It ensures that focus areas in your business are identified and that meetings with Anton are focused and fruitful.

What does Sologix offer?

Anton’s skills, experience, business toolkit, and hand-picked team can help you:

  • Save time and money by doing things more efficiently
  • Make better decisions by evaluating and challenging all options with an experienced mentor and soundboard
  • Focus on the immediate opportunities and take action
  • Become a better leader and more rounded person by assisting you to maintain a healthy work/life balance
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Why choose Sologix?

Founder, Anton Pretorius, has almost 25 years of business experience from blue-chip to start-up, article clerk to executive board level, that you and your business can benefit from. In Anton’s own words,

“I compare running a business to riding a motorcycle; both require direction, skill, control, balance, negotiating obstacles, quick decision-making and taking risks.  The loneliness of the entrepreneur and the solitude of the rider are equally rewarded by being ‘in the picture’ and reaching your destination.

I want to build a long-term relationship with you and your business to help you master the running of your business. Eventually, I want to become your sounding board, here to give you an independent opinion and to challenge you to the next level.”

Sologix business consulting and business coashing by Anton Pretorius

​AOCon Consulting Engineers has engaged with Sologix for a period of 18 months and have, through our engagements, systematically taken the next steps in enhancing the business in a very challenging industry and at a very challenging time. We have grown in size, revenue and presence and put this down to the mentorship and value proposition that Sologix has provided to us. At AOCon Consulting Engineers, we believe that we are the sum of our parts- and we count Sologix as one of an integral part of those that makes us the unique team that we are.

– Graham Cursons, AOCon Consulting Engineers