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Online courses to drive your business forward


I became a business coach to help small and medium businesses in South Africa save time and money, and to help the people who drive them become better leaders. At a deeper level, it came out of a desire to do work that contributes to society – and I’ve found that working with these businesses, [...]

Online courses to drive your business forward2019-05-28T11:32:24+02:00

Business Coach: What is in a name?


Business coaching may be regarded as a newer profession in the world today, but the concept has been around since Ancient Greece.  One of the earliest examples that come to mind is the relationship between Socrates and his student Plato.  In mainstream business, one often finds that someone is appointed as a mentor to show [...]

Business Coach: What is in a name?2018-06-28T10:52:43+02:00

From Business Exec to Business Coach


My working career, and my life for that matter, has been a ‘skid-in-sideways’ experience. I might not take the conventional route in, but I find myself in the thick of the action and embrace it with both arms. My journey from business exec to a business coach is no different. From my accounting foundation, I [...]

From Business Exec to Business Coach2018-06-28T10:49:06+02:00

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