My working career, and my life for that matter, has been a ‘skid-in-sideways’ experience. I might not take the conventional route in, but I find myself in the thick of the action and embrace it with both arms. My journey from business exec to a business coach is no different.

From my accounting foundation, I was fortunate to have been exposed to general management early on in my career. I learnt that relationships with people are the richest part of my life and that I have an affinity for cultivating long-term relationships and maintaining them. I truly feel that every relationship that we develop is an opportunity to learn, to teach, to grow, and change the world.

Having started out as a trainee accountant at Sappi in Springs, I moved on to article with Price Waterhouse Cooper in Paarl. Towards the end of my articles, Sappi recruited me back and posted me around Southern Africa. I ended up in Swaziland where I got my first taste of working with start-ups.  These companies generally got an easy landing as they were contracted to Sappi but they certainly came with their fair share of hurdles.

By the age of 31, I was at director level at Sappi, sitting both at the boardroom table steering the business and on the lawn outside discussing an annual water tax which did not sit well with employees. That year, Sappi offered me a scholarship to attend the prestigious Insead Business School in Paris but the opportunity of a lifetime opened up at Kirsh Holdings and I made the tough decision to go with the latter. That decision has proven to be a defining moment of my life.

I was appointed as CFO of the investment corporation representing Natie Kirsh’s portfolio in Swaziland. I was part of a team that oversaw various businesses and investments, from well-established operations to new acquisitions, either independently or in conjunction with multi-national partners.

Working closely with Paul Friedlander, the current CEO of the Kirsh Group in Southern Africa, I developed a working relationship with Mr Kirsh.  I found it fascinating that someone with so much on his plate would make time to reply to individual letters addressed to Natie “Cash” requesting a donation for a pair of spectacles.

After working with the Kirsh Group for close on 6 years I relocated to Melkbosstrand to be closer to my 5-year-old daughter. There, I co-founded the Nusolar Group which offers a full range of products and services to the solar water industry. I worked in the trenches as most directors of start-ups do and over 5 years we managed to build the group to a major player in the industry. It was at this point that I decided to exit and strike out on my own.

Sologix came about after a time of self-examination and reflection.  I wanted to give back some of what I’d learnt over the years and make my contribution to improving a world that seemed so topsy-turvy.  What better way to give back than helping others that are on the same journey as I have been?

I have something to offer every entrepreneur, having known the hardship of walking this lonely road, but also the elation of making it through.  I also know that there are so many traps to fall into that ultimately lead to sacrificing one self and one’s personal relationships in the process.  My aim is to help you make better decisions, to help you save time, help you take advantage of opportunities and help you maintain a healthy work/life balance.

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