Know where you are going


“Business is a coward, it runs away from any uncertainty”. AT Dlamini, respected businessman and previous Prime Minister of Eswatini, made this statement in the early noughties while we were negotiating a business deal. And this rings true to this day. The uncertainty around the coronavirus has not only led to stock markets around [...]

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Discounted online business coaching courses


So many small businesses are in severe distress as a result of the nationwide lockdown. Many don’t know whether they will be able to pay their staff or their suppliers or even recover from this catastrophic event. You may have heard Grant Pattison’s heartbreaking message on the Money Show, and realise the knock-on effect that [...]

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Free online course for students / Beat the Lockdown Blues


We at Sologix appreciate the turmoil that COVID-19 has caused so many, not least our student population. As of March 18th, all higher institutions of learning around South Africa have been closed for at least four weeks. Many students will be at a loss of how to make the most of this time, especially so [...]

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