Enterprise development

Enterprise and supplier development is important for so many reasons, but it can often be a burden that distracts many businesses from focusing on their core activities.

My services can help you execute your strategy and achieve your goals on enterprise and supplier development, by empowering the entrepreneurs that you work with in your supply chain through a tailor-made program and on-going coaching and mentoring of either your own staff or the entrepreneurs.

Why work with me?

I help my clients save time, save money and become better business leaders.

I do what I do to make the world a better place. Sustainable SME’s creates employment, which helps address inequality and contributes to society in general by reducing crime and allowing people to improve their situation.

Anton Pretorius Enterprise Development Sologix Business Development and Coaching

My experience in business

I am a well-qualified and well-experienced business professional, having covered the bases from article clerk to the boardroom table of a blue-chip company, and more recently, I was involved in starting a major player in the renewables industry.

Since 2014, I have primarily been involved in business coaching and development, which includes working with existing SME’s with a turnover as high as R150m, to start-ups still in ideation.  Over the last 2 years, I have taken approximately 120 companies through development programs at Sarebi sponsored by SEDACity of Cape Town and GreenCape WISP initiatives.

My experience in enterprise development

My experience in enterprise development is extensive.  In 1999 I was made responsible for the then recently outsourced SME’s at Sappi Usutu, covering aspects as diverse as the loading bay (moving 200,000 tons of baled pulp per annum) to transportation of 1 million tons of logs, road maintenance, feeding schemes, fire-fighting and planting of 5 million trees annually.

In 2002, I joined Natie Kirsh’s Investment Corporation and got involved with, amongst others, the Computer Education Trust and the Inhlanyelo Seed Capital Fund in Swaziland.


The Business Model Canvas provides the template and is supported by GrowthWheel to assist in developing a strong blue print for success.

GrowthWheel is a worldwide recognized visual tool designed for business advisors to help entrepreneurs make better decisions and take action.  GrowthWheel is used by SEDA, the Innovation Hub and a number of the larger business incubators and accelerators.  I am one of a handful of independently accredited advisors in South Africa, and the only local representative on the GrowthWheel Elite user group internationally.

GrowthWheel helps us eliminate blind spots with a 360 degree approach ensuring we have an attractive business concept, develop a strong organisation, build lasting customer relations and run profitable operations.  It helps create focus on the next important aspects of the business, provides practical templates to assist in decision making and developing action plans, and tracks progress towards our ambitions and goals.

Let’s get started

Please email me on anton@sologix.co.za or call on 0824510032 and let’s discuss your enterprise and supplier development needs.