I became a business coach to help small and medium businesses in South Africa save time and money, and to help the people who drive them become better leaders. At a deeper level, it came out of a desire to do work that contributes to society – and I’ve found that working with these businesses, which are the drivers of our economy, is the best way to do that.

The more I felt my coaching business gain momentum, and the more people I was able to coach, I found myself thinking increasingly about how I could do more. How could I reach more people, who could in turn create more employment and allow more individuals to improve their situations?

That is how the idea of the Sologix Online Platform was born – a space where I can offer online courses which you can complete at your leisure, no matter where you are.

My vision is to start with a few courses, and gauge how effective they are. Do they answer your burning questions about how to start a business? How to craft an elevator pitch? How to get to grips with the finances of your business?
When I know that the answer is “yes”, I will introduce more courses, delving deeper into the world of business and the practical tools you can use no matter the life-stage, shape or size of your business, or the industry in which you operate.

With the launch of this platform, the following courses are available online:

The courses make use of the business model canvas developed by Strategyzer as the basic template to evaluate your business model. We integrate that with the GrowthWheel business tools to create focus on making decisions and taking action in key areas in need of development.

I’d really like to help more people run their businesses better – and I’d love you to be one of them.

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