Our sole objective at Sologix is to help you run your business better, and we trust that you will accomplish that through the online coaching platform.

Clients say:

Anrich Herbst, on Anton

Anton has the key principles of a great teacher: the ability to simplify seemingly difficult ideas, years of practical experience, passion for his subject matter, patience with his students and excitement for the field and his students’ success. He delivers proof, session after session, that entrepreneurship can, and should, be taught. His input has led to the scaling of four companies in Oneiroi Investments’s portfolio, and his insight has proven immeasurable in value. We highly recommend Anton and Sologix.

Theo Pistorius, Managing Director, on Anton

I really enjoyed the preparation with the excellent slides and audio provided ahead of the discussion and evaluation. It covers all the essentials of finance in an engaging and informative manner. The course was very practical and I would definitely recommend this to non-financial managers.

I learnt that finance doesn’t have to be convoluted and complicated, that accounting systems can be altered to suit the business and not every paperclip and washer need to be accounted for.

Hugo Smith, Operational Director, on Understanding Finance

Understanding Finance is a MUST-DO short course for all entrepreneurs and small-to-medium business owners or managers. The concepts taught are vital for any business, and are easily conveyed with fresh perspectives. I would highly recommend it

Stian de Jager, Business Owner, on Understanding Finance

Concise, yet comprehensive. Conveys valuable pointers and insights. Well worth completing.

Roger Sobotker, Business Owner, on Understanding Finance

We had the pleasure to attend a masterclass at SAREBI facilitated by Anton in 2016. The Business Model Canvas and GrowthWheel toolkit combined with Anton’s understanding and invaluable business coaching experience was exactly what we needed. The toolkit is practical and easy to understand, yet it enables one to focus on the areas that adds the most value and growth at any given time, essential for any company.

We highly recommend Sologix’s solutions and encourage entrepreneurs do their online courses and/or make use of their business coaching services.

Jean du Toit, Business Owner, on Sologix

Anton was and is a great human being with lot of experience and always willing to be of assistance and asking those probing questions that makes one rethink hard about the business idea and everything related to the business idea.

Mzikabawo Msolo, Managing Director, on Anton

Having consulted a for a few years for a business owner where Anton is the business coach, I observed remarkable results. Anton has not only improved the business results, but created lasting positive change in the people I’ve known him to coach. His way of working practically with individuals and teams to become a better, and then the best version of themselves, is noteworthy. Even though Anton has a vast array of business models in his arsenal of tools, I have never known him to make anyone fit the model, but he rather adapts the model to fit the individual.

Stian de Jager, Business Owner, on Anton

Super comprehensive. Crosses the t’s and dots the i’s. In my humble opinion, also a great reality check, even for the seasoned entrepreneur.

Roger Sobotker, Business Owner, on Business 101 Basics

The instructor was incredibly passionate about the course and will be able to up anyone’s game.

The Sarebi Masterclass helped us to think more about the daily operations of the business, financial feasibility and also emphasised the importance of engaging with customers. I would highly recommend this programme.

No matter how long you’ve been in business there is always more to learn. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass Program and look forward to applying what we covered in class.

The Masterclass quickly helped me to determine the viability of a conceptual business and helped me to avoid the common pitfalls.

Sarebi Masterclass participants, on Business 101 Basics

The aim of this course is to help you ensure that the basic fundamentals are in place to run your business, and to help you understand where you are and where you want to go.